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Alameda County California Parks

  1. 25th Street Mini Park

  2. 61st Street Mini-Park

  3. 85th Avenue Mini Park

  4. 88th Avenue Mini Park

  5. Adventure Playground

  6. Alamo Creek Park

  7. Allendale Park

  8. Amador Valley Community Park

  9. Amaral Park

  10. Aquatic Park

  11. Arroyo Viejo Park

  12. Augustin Bernal Park

  13. Bateman Mall Park

  14. Beaumont Park

  15. Becky Temko Tot Park

  16. Berkeley Rose Garden

  1. Berkeley Way Mini Park

  2. Birch Grove Park

  3. BMX Facility

  4. Bonaire Park

  5. Bray Commons

  6. Bridgepointe Park

  7. Brookdale Park

  8. Burckhalter Park

  9. Bushrod Park

  10. Byington Park

  11. Cedar-Rose Park

  12. Centennial Park

  13. Central Park

  14. Cesar Chavez Park

  15. Chabot Park

  16. Channel Park

  17. Charlie Dorr Mini Park

  18. Chinese Garden Park

  19. Civic Park

  20. Clinton Square Park

  21. Codornices Park

  22. Coliseum Gardens Park

  23. Columbian Gardens Park

  24. Contra Costa Rock Park

  25. Coyote Hills Park

  26. Cragmont Rock Park

  27. Creekside Park

  28. Cypress Freeway Memorial Park

  29. DeFremery Park

  30. Del Prado Park

  31. Delucchi Park

  32. Dimond Park

  33. Dolan Park

  34. Dorothy Bolte Park

  35. Dougherty Hills Dog Park

  36. Dublin Sports Grounds

  37. Dunsmuir Estate Park

  38. Eastshore Park

  39. Elmhurst Park

  40. Elmhurst Plaza Park

  41. Emerald Glen Park

  42. Emery Cove Marina

  43. Estuary Channel Park

  44. Eucalyptus Grove North

  45. Eucalyptus Grove South

  46. Fairlands Park

  47. Floresta Park

  48. Frederick Mini Park

  49. George Florence Park

  50. George M. Silliman Recreation Complex

  51. Glendale La Loma Park

  52. Great Stoneface Park

  53. Greg Brown Park

  54. Grizzly Peak Park

  55. Grotto Rock Park

  56. Grove Park

  57. Grover Cleveland Park

  58. Halcyon Commons

  59. Harrison Park

  60. Haskell-Mabel Mini Park

  61. Horseshoe Park

  1. Indian Rock Park

  2. Ira Jinkins Park

  3. James Kenney Park

  4. Jerry Raber Ash Street Park

  5. Joaquin Miller Park

  6. John Hinkel Park

  7. John Muir School Park

  8. Kennedy Tract Park

  9. Kings School Park

  10. Kolb Park

  11. Kottinger Community Park

  12. Lakeshore Park

  13. Lakeside Park

  14. Le Conte School Park

  15. Live Oak Park

  16. MacGregor Playfields

  17. Malcolm X School Park

  18. Mape Memorial Park

  19. Marina Mall

  20. Marina Park

  21. Marston Campbell Park

  22. Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park

  23. Mayhews Landing Park

  24. McCrea Park

  25. Mirabeau Park

  26. Monkey Island Park

  27. Mortar Rock Park

  28. Musick Park

  29. Oak Park

  30. Ohlone Park

  31. People's Park

  32. Peralta Park

  33. Presentation Park

  34. Prince Street Mini-Park

  35. Remillard Park

  36. Rosa Parks School Park

  37. San Antonio Park

  38. San Pablo Park

  39. Shannon Park

  40. Shorebird Park

  41. Sixty-Third Street Mini Park

  42. Solano-Peralta Park

  43. Stagecoach Park

  44. Stanford Avenue Park

  45. Stenzel Park

  46. Strawberry Creek Park

  47. Ted Fairfield Park

  48. Temescal Creek Park

  49. Terrace View Park

  50. Thousand Oaks School Park

  51. Virginia-McGee Totland

  52. Washington School Park

  53. Willard Park

  54. Wood Park

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