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Glynn County Georgia Beaches

Clam Creek Beach


Located on the north end of Jekyll Island, Clam Creek Beach is located next to the Clam Creek Fishing Pier. Marking the beginning or end (depending on how you look at it) of Driftwood Beach, Clam Creek Beach has several pieces of driftwood, an example of which is shown below.

Personal opinion: Clam Creek Beach is beautiful, but I would not actually play in the water in this area. Visit this beach at low tide and you will see many pieces of driftwood which stick up out of the sand. Some of these pieces are quite small and only stick up a few inches, which in my opinion are just the right size to stick into a foot. I see many people playing in this area and have never seen anyone hurt, but to me Clam Creek Beach is wonderful to look at the driftwood, the wildlife and to just walk along the beach.

A fairly large parking area is available which serves the Pier, Clam Creek Picnic Area and Clam Creek Beach. From the parking area follow the sighs for the Wildlife Viewing Area, crossing over the bridge at Clam Creek (a popular area for fishing and crabbing) and onto the sand of the beach.

Driftwood Sunset. Clam Creek Beach. Driftwood Beach. Jekyll Island, Georgia 
Driftwood Sunset. Taken on Clam Creek Beach. See more photographs of Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia


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